Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Rite of Spring

It's the Vernal Equinox, which among other things, means that it's time for me to part ways with my winter beard.

I started growing this beard (or rather, stopped shaving it off) at the end of October during our trip to Argentina. Aside from a little trimming around the mouth and on my neck, it has been given free rein to thrive.

And thrive it did. It kept me warm on numerous hikes and early morning runs. But the winter is over (officially), and as the cold weather goes, so goes the beard. I rather enjoyed having the facial hair, though, so I decided to keep some of it.

No, not really. But I did think about it.

I feel like a young man again. But I've gotta say: my face looks tiny now. (It took a while to figure out where the kids had put my Noogler hat; thus the change of clothes between pictures.)

After shaving, I took the trimmings out back and burned them as an offering to Ostara. The ashes were sprinkled into the garden soil to bring fertility in the coming year.

No, not really. But I did think about it.

Those who know me will be aware that I just don't have it in me to follow any kind of religious or spiritual path. I've tried several times through my younger years. But I do like to observe the rhythms of the earth and celebrate the things that each season offers. So today I bid a fond farewell to the Winter and greet the Spring with open arms. I'm looking forward to all of the warm-weather riding, running, hiking, and anything else I can get myself into in the coming months.

I'm also looking forward to tonight's traditional spring feast with carrot cake for desert.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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  1. Hee hee. You crack me up! Thank you for not keeping some of it. I can handle you with a full-on beard as you had when I first met you and I can handle you (mostly) clean shaven but the other? No. Just no. Because no.