Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Stride in Littleton

I just got home from "The Stride", a charity run benefiting the Littleton school system.  I came across the event online, and since I had an errand to run on that side of town this weekend anyway, we decided that it would be good to get the family out to participate.  I signed up for the 10k option, after which we would all do the 1k Family Fun Run.

Refreshment between the 10k and the Fun Run

My wife and kids took advantage of the many activities going on while I was out running - there was face-painting, an obstacle course of sorts, and rope-jumping.  And they were there at the finish line to cheer for me.

Recruiters for the rope-jumping team

There was an hour and a half between the 10k start and the Fun Run start.  Unfortunately, that seemed to be just enough time my daughter to tire herself out, so we ended up walking nearly the entire 1k.  But at least we got to stick together and cross the finish line as a family.

On the 1k Fun Run

Something went wrong with recording the run on my phone - Cardio Trainer didn't actually start the workout when I told it to - so I didn't get as much data as I wanted.  But as near as I can tell, the map below shows the basic route.  I finished in 48 minutes, which is typical of the pace I've been keeping lately.

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