Monday, May 31, 2010

Long weekend

Amid the final preparations for my trip to the Grand Canyon, we had a 3-day weekend full of small family adventures.

Saturday morning we went for a walk down to a green belt near our house (F. rode her bike), and we did a little bit of exploring near the creek.

Sunday morning I got out by myself and went to Golden for a quick ride up Lookout Mountain. On the way up, I saw 4 elk cows, a Nordic blader (inline skates with ski poles) going up the mountain, and a lady on a bike with a child trailer coming down. Assuming she had already made the ascent via the normal route, she must have been the awesomest person out there.

Later that day we met with a friend of the family at Confluence Park. I took F. down beside the South Platte river and showed her how to skip rocks. We crossed over I-25 and walked up to Little Man Ice Cream and had various frozen treats.  That place was great - I thanked our friend for showing it to us.  We sat for a little while and watched people on wheels of every description at the skate park.  Then we went to Pappadeaux for supper and ate alligator for the first time (yum!).

Pappadeaux, by the way, do not publish nutrition information for their food.  But by my best (probably modest) estimate, my meal was at least 1800 calories!  All said, it was the first time I've consumed over 4000 calories in a single day since I started paying attention to such things.  But I could stand to put on a few pounds before I head out on my trip.

On Monday, being Memorial Day in the US, we all got on our bikes and rode to a nearby open-space park and did some bird-watching.  We put both of the kids together in the trailer instead of using M's bicycle seat, and they did pretty well in there.

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