Friday, May 11, 2012

Planter Fasciitis

There was no flinching and no thought of giving in; and by what seemed almost a miracle to those outside these Islands, though we ourselves never doubted it, we now find ourselves in a position where I say that we can be sure that we have only to persevere to conquer.

-- Winston Churchill

I've always been somewhat the opposite of a hypochondriac. My self-diagnoses tend to range from "it's nothing" to "I don't have time for that." But over the past couple of weeks, a menace has been looming in my right heel. (Can something loom from underneath?) And I seriously don't have time to be immobilized. Not right now. There are major adventure plans afoot.

Planter [sic] fasciitis [1] is a painful condition in which the bottom of one's foot - specifically the connective tissue in the heel and arch - is invaded by authoritarian peanuts. I want those little bastards to know that I shall fight on the beaches, I shall fight on the landing grounds, I shall fight in the fields and in the streets, I shall fight in the hills; I shall never surrender! [2]

But I am going to have to take it easy for the next week and pay more attention to stretching. And no more riding my bike in flip-flops.


[2] Everything I know about history and classic literature I learned from listening to Iron Maiden.


  1. Get thee to St. Jude. Yes, rest. Yes, stretch. Yes, ice and tennis ball roll. But most importantly, go see the one with the sharp, pointy objects.

    Trust me.

    1. I finally got down there yesterday. I've spent most of my life living with crafty women, so it wasn't the first time I'd ever had a needle stuck in the bottom of my foot. But this time was to much better effect, less surprising, and the needles didn't come from the carpet :)

      (, for anyone wondering what we're talking about.)