Sunday, July 31, 2011

Metro North Chamber Challenge 5k Run

I haven't done much running since last February, when I started experiencing some knee pain. Since then I've just been focusing on cycling. But after a little bit of prompting from the community affairs group at work, I signed up to run the Metro North Chamber Challenge 5k with a couple of colleagues.
Team Google at the MNCC5k
The run was last Thursday, July 28 2011. It was a nice course, and except for a slower-than-usual check-in, I was pretty impressed by the organization, turn-out, and competition.

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The run was mostly on multi-use paths, with some dirt service road terrain thrown in for good measure. The weather was just about perfect. An afternoon thunderstorm threatened but never manifested, so the temperature was comfortable. At first I thought the water stations might be a bit much for such a short run, but it didn't take too much of my panting to dry out my mouth, so their presence turned out to be welcome.

I didn't have any illusions about getting a spot on the podium, but I thought a goal of 21 minutes should be attainable. My official time was 20:35, which made me plenty happy. There were several really fast runners out there, though, who blew that time away (first place overall was under 16 minutes). I did get 2nd place in my age group (and 10th overall), and my teammate Jim got 3rd, but we didn't realize that and left before the award ceremony. Results are posted here.

The after-party was well done, featuring several local food providers. There wasn't very much in the way of vegan fare, but I planned ahead and brought a banana and Clif bar. My family was there to show their support, and they enjoyed the pizza, sandwiches, and sweets that were offered.

So despite the fact that Thornton will never be the athletic Mecca that Boulder is, it looks like we know how to put on a pretty good event.

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