Sunday, July 25, 2010

I rode 100 miles yesterday

The Sunrise Century was yesterday morning. I got up at 4:30, started riding at 6:40, and was done 5 hours and 43 minutes later (5:28 of actual riding time). It was a lovely ride, though the first half of the day was overcast and, at times, quite chilly. The folks who volunteered to help at the aid stations did a fantastic job. And the food at the finish line was great.

This was the first time I've ridden from Nederland to Ward - in the past I've always ended up going the other direction. It was just as brutal as I feared it would be, but enjoyable nonetheless.  I may be missing a few small details of the course (official description is here), but this is basically the route, starting at point A/G:

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My pre-ride breakfast consisted of maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal with dried mango & berry mix, cashews, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, and banana slices mixed in. It probably would have tasted a little more... normal, shall we say, if I'd left out the dried fruit. It was quite good, anyway, and provided lots of energy for the ride. Off-hand, I'd guess it had about 800 calories.

Whenever I think about Detox tea, I always think of stoners preparing for job interviews. But I ended up with a box of the stuff and have been drinking it after long rides. It seems to help flush out the lactic acid from my system to help me feel less achy the next day. So I had a big glass of that stuff after I got home.

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